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Teachers and Parents...Life today is fast paced. We are stretched for time and we find it hard to clear our minds and focus. This can be detrimental to all areas of our life. Especially our health. Mindfulness and meditation can help! Research has found that mindfulness and meditation improve our brain function in areas that improve our wellbeing. Our courses will help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life to help you slow down, switch off and create calm amongst the chaos.

How do we do online learning?

Our courses enable time-poor people to access quality mindfulness and meditation training that they can easily fit in when and where it suits them. The learning is self-paced with lifetime access and delivered in video form so that you can sit back, relax and take it all in.


Meet Kylie - Teacher and Mother

Kylie is the founder of Mindful Living and Head and Heart Mindfulness - She is passionate about integrating mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness into the lives of children and adults to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Our introductory online course is... Mindful Living Essentials

It helps the big people who care for little people to learn self-care skills to allow them to live with a calm mind and a happy heart.


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Kind Words

Teacher and Mother


Teacher and Mother

Kylie is passionate about sharing her skills and expertise. Having trained alongside Kylie, it has been wonderful to watch her skill set grow to now include mindfulness training and development for adults. I am constantly inspired by Kylie's motivation and I'm always excited to hear about her new and innovative ways to incorporate mindfulness.



"Kylie has a smooth trusting voice that allows the brain to transform any environment into a place of growth and acceptance. After the sessions I had a feeling of total relaxation and embraced the feeling of positivity."



"Kylie obviously has a wonderful understanding of what she is delivering. I learnt about anchoring and ways to bring my focus back. I liked the practical tips for mindfulness in the course."

Thanks for considering Mindful Living Online Learning. I look forward to giving you valuable tools to enhance your wellbeing